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Ultrasonic cleaners at work in laboratory,mechanical workshop, industrial cleaning.

Ultrasonics for washing, cleaning and degreasing in all applications and sectors of production and maintenance.

Ultrasonic cleaners for polishing mechanicals parts, electronic components, surgical, medical, optical lents, for the ultrasonic maintenance for moulds for plastic, rubber, aluminium, magnesium, and zinc components and pieces.

Our cleaners with ultrasounds represent, since 1992, an high standard of reference in the sector for what pertains and concern the effectiveness, the duration and the strong construction in ultrasonic implants cleaning. Doesn't exist one problem of washing that is not resolvable with ours fantastics ultrasonics washers and ultrasonics cleaners. In Germany the Ultrasonic Industrial Engineering is present with the web site www.ultrasuoni.de, this is the our official internet home for all the German companies.

Ultrasonic installations standard and specials, Ultrasuoni Industrial Engineering is capable to buid always the correct cleaners machine for you and for degreaising your pieces and wash perfectly your products.

New finishing and washing technologies.

Ultrasuoni Industrial Engineering, in Milan city in Italy, supplies a broad range of automatic washing systems and machines, which meet the industry's harshest technical specifications. The company specialises in the design end manifacture of stainless-steel AISI 304 and 316L washing vats and high power, pulsar, piezoelectrical, ultrasonic generators and transducers.

Besides supplying these systems, the company provides, through its engineering department, advice and customer-specific solutions. After examining the parts to be treated with an eye on workers' safety and the enviroment, it will run lab-tests of the washing, treatment and paint-stripping processes, asses the relevant process times and evaluate the several technical alternatives.

It can run ecological tests on primary and secondary waters and take official measurements with master equipment installed on customer' s premises. Thus, all this leads to developing custom-tailored solutions as concerns washing machine and system size and any standard or customized accessories.

Ultrasonic cleaning made in italyFour classes of washing machines, of different capacity and therefore capable of handling parts of different quantities are available to suit the laboratory as well as heavy industry, where bulky parts or tools may have to be washed.

The experience built up made it possible to solve several special cases, and to achieve top-quality cleaning with environment-frendly chemical mixtures, which the firm had speciafically developed for ultrasonic and hydrokinetic processes.

The good technical quality of these eco-fluids made it possible to supersede the old washing machines and to replace the currently outlawed toxic or obnoxious, flammable or corrosive solvents. Ultrasuoni Industrial Engineering's machines are suitable to wash spectacle components (sides, tips, frounts, pads, screws, hinges, etc.) as well as to wash lens-manufactoring and framefacturing machinery and tooling.

A new line of ultra - machines is currently being designed. These machines will completely treat frames and lenses, special care being given to the ultrasonic cleaning of titanium alloys. Indeed, a new detergent for rapidly cleaning and degraising titanium alloys is now available. The firm's production is protected by the international trademark, "ultrasuoni", registered at Geneva in Swisse, from the OMPI - Organization Mondiale Protection Intellectual.

Washing die and molds charsers for foundry light alloy, plastik and rubber molding.

In drawing lines in which aluminium sections are continuously drawn, at then end of production of each series of sections, the die chaser must be changed: usually, during this operation, the internal die remains entirely blocked by the aluminium cut by the feed line. As it cools, the residual aluminium solidities, even more quickly on internal walls of the die, filling the entire flow line (shape of the hot drawn piece).

This is particulary costly for those who, producing various of aluminium sections every day, have to restore the various die chasers quickly and just as quickly clean the various dies. Whereas with the traditional system the “alloy stopper” that fills and blocks the dies dissolves chemically, in the maintenance system perfected by ULTRASUONI I.E. of Milan, the chemical effect is only the completion of the innovative action of the ultrasounds: exerting strong high-frequency molecular action, these ultrasounds disintegrate all aluminium residues more effectively and more rapidly. The die is then cleaned, degreased, pickled, rinsed and protected in significantly reduced times and at lower costs.

We are specialist in cleaning mould for aluminium, plastic and rubber, components and objets injected with moulding in pression. Regard our experiences in moulds cleaning, see our professionality in implants for the perfect mould's maintenance.

We produce quality and assurance in fast and perfect clean with digital ultrasonics machines since 1990.

The ultrasonic cleaners with ULTRASUONI I.E. Mark are certified Original Italian Products and are certified to have all the inside components made in Italy.

Now, this certifications are absolute guarantees for clients, industries; for protect the safety and for total quality in result's cleaning: excellent degree of cleaning for moulds, matrixes, mechanical pieces, objects, industrials components, worked parts, electronic cards, microchip, air and water filters, surgical equipments, more and more components or parts, in any type of production and for any cycle of production.

Then, no assemblages with electronic cheaps at little price in the cleaners's machines manufactured by the society Ultrasonics Industrial Engineering.

ultrasonic cleaners for laboratory ultrasonic cleaning implants implants for clean the industrial products Technicians experts in ultrasonic implants Specialists in solving your washing exigences

Delicate moulds.

Perfectly wash with our ultrasonic machines and our detergents.


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Uses our ultra - washers with ultrasounds and you will have full success and sure result in all sectors, in all application, for all dimension, for every type of residue contaminated with great ecology and saving 50% of your costs in cleaning production.

our washers your passion! How we work.

ULTRASUONI I.E. is the mark what it means production, society, singles components production and ultrasonic cleaners building system all made in Italy.

Security in electrical and mechanical construction engineerSince 1992 Ultrasuoni Industrial Engineering is italian leader manufacturing in ultrasonics generators, ultrasonics transducers, ultrasonics tanks, ultrasonics cleaners, ultrasonics degreasing, ultrasonics washing automatics implants, chemicals detergents for industrial and medical - chirurgical applications, deionization - ultrafiltration and microfiltration implants. In ULTRASUONI I.E. CORPORATION are ten society specialized in carpentry, mechanics, electronics, electrotecnicals and industrial automation, chemistry detergents and ecological solvents.

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